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Xincheng Scientific Industries Co., Ltd. (Previous name: Shanghai Xincheng Cultural & Educational Instuments Co., Ltd.), specializes in manufacturing and marketing of "XinCheng" brand models under the guidance of Chinese famous medical experts and professors over fifteen years. 
Our company produce kinds of educational models: skeleton models, torso models, anatomical models, medical models, acupuncture models, CPR manikins, nursing models, childbirth models and animal models etc. The models are made of PVC plastic, washable and durable. The quality of our products rank No.1 in China, the workmanship of our products appeals very much to foreign customers. Our models are well sold to over 50 countries and regions in the world and have won high reputations from various customers.
We warmly welcome old and new customers to contact us for any information about our products and our company. We will happy to supply our best services to you and willing to make long-lasting business with you in the near future.
Should you have any requirements, please inform us earlier. We will reply you ASAP.
Company: Xincheng Scientific Industries Co., Ltd.,
Office Add: Rm2306, No. 1378 Lujiabang Rd, Shanghai, 200011, China 
Factory Add: No. 42, Yerong Rd, 201609, China
Fax: +86-21-61352562
Contact: Elaine Yang / TalRasha Yan
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